About the company

Our mission is to maintain the high value of managed property and to assure the sense of security to its owners, tenants and users.

PZN was established in 1996. The management group have held 100% of shares of the company since 2001.

PZN has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate in the area of real estate management and administration.

We cooperate with 1000 specialists in all areas necessary for technical exploitation of buildings, property management and property valuation.

Thanks to a vast network and mobile servicing we can offer services all over the country with no exceptions.

Annually we perform approx. 100 000 studies in the segment of residential and commercial properties throughout the country.

We employ licensed property managers, who operate throughout Poland. For our Clients’ safety we have a Business Liability Insurance Policy with a limit of 6.000.000 PLN.

We constantly develop our management system, implementing new solutions whenever they are necessary. Our work is oftentimes awarded in competitions for real estate businesses – look here.