Energy cost reduction

PZN offers    service:

  • we reduce electricity, gas and heating bills (up to 20%)
  • we negotiate better conditions from suppliers
  • we monitor the costs and advise the Client
  • we are on our Client’s side; we do not sell utilities

How does it work?

  • we develop algorithms
  • we analyse invoices and contracts
  • we recommend changes
  • we implement changes

Where do we find savings?

  • energy tariff changes
  • ordered capacity reduction
  • reactive power compensation
  • change of the supplier

What do we need for analysis?

  • utility supply and delivery contracts
  • utility invoices from the last 12 months
  • basic information about your business activity


  • over 1 million PLN saved for BOŚ, BZ WBK, Unisystem since 2015
  • BGŻ BNP Paribas, mBank, Bota Technik, Synexus and others among our Clients

What are our settlements with Clients?

  • 50% of savings during the first two years since change implementation
  • no investment or risk on the Client’s part